Live. Love. Make a Difference.

In March 2011, I attended Experts Academy, Brendan Burchard’s signature program, “Millionaire Training for Authors, Speakers, Seminar Leaders, Online Marketers, Life and Business Coaches”.


Brendan changed my life.  I didn’t know what information marketing was.  I didn’t know I was an author.  I didn’t think of myself as a speaker.   I didn’t lead seminars.  I had never been good at marketing my business online.  And I certainly had no experience as a life coach or a business coach.

I was a lawyer.  Yet, there I was standing in a room full of 800 self-identified experts, jumping up and down to “I Gotta Feeling” by The Black Eyed Peas.   Yes!  I have information and knowledge.  I want to share it with the world.  I can create information products.   I can do this!   “I gotta feeling that tonight is gonna be a good, good night…”

If they were serving kool aid, I was certainly drinking it.  I wanted to live.  I wanted to love.  I wanted to make a difference.   And, when I think back on that event, I wonder why I was so swept up in the magic of the moment.  But it wasn’t a moment.  It was a 4-day event.  And I was not just caught up in one event.

To say the least, I was inspired.  I was inspired by the DVD program that I received in the mail prior to the event.  I was inspired by Brendan’s enthusiasm.   I was inspired by his message.  It stirred something in me.   Maybe I wanted something more.  Maybe who I was was not just defined by being a lawyer.


Brendan inspired me in a way no one ever did.  And, he did it with his information products and programs.  He tapped into something fundamental.  There was more to life.  There was more that I wanted from life.  I had something more to give.  He offered it without conditions.

During this four-day event, Brendan shared his belief that everyone has a message, that everyone has knowledge that can be shared with the world. And he challenged the audience to “Build a product in 60 days! …What else do you have to do with your life?”.

I took that challenge.  With “tonight’s gonna be a good night…let’s do it”, the lyrics of Brendan’s theme song, still ringing in my ears, I returned home determined to build my first information product.  And we did.

I persuaded my partner, John Koenig, that information products was next big thing.  The knowledge economy was here.  We needed to be a part of it.  The legal practice was getting more competitive every day with new online applications, non-lawyer services, and outsourcing.   This was our chance to define a whole new business.

So, within the 60 day-challenge window, we announced our 10-week program How to Save Thousands of Dollars on Legal and Professional Fees by Preparing in Advance for the Sale of a Business.  We sent the announcement to our client list of about 1600 people.  Two people signed up.  Yep, just 2 people.  But hey!  Each person paid $995 and we were getting paid to create our first infoproduct.

OPSB slides

Wow! We learned a lot in that process.  We quickly realized that a long name makes it hard to sell a program because you have to say it so often, and we changed the name to “Optimizing the P&S of a Business”.  We learned how to create a framework.  We learned how to build a WordPress site.  We learned how to create powerpoint slides.  We learned how to create a script and flow for each presentation.  We learned how to edit and upload the videos.

We created the concept in March.  We wrote the sales copy outlining the program in April.  We sent out the an announcement to our contact list.  In May, we promoted the event with two teleseminars.  And then we launched the program in June.  It was a 12-week program.  It took all summer.  Each week we created the content, delivered the program, recorded and uploaded the videos to a password-protected website.

And then, nothing.  Nothing.  That was it.  By August, we were burnt out.  Happy that we completed the program, but drained.  Starting with Brendan’s home-study program in November of the prior year, going to his event, creating an online program, scrambling to acquire all the necessary skills, and finally delivering and producing the program right through August, it was exhausting.  It pushed us totally outside our comfort zone.  And what did we have to show for it?  $1990.  It’s not nothing, but it is hardly enough to make a living.

Fortunately, we still had our day jobs.  We still had clients.  We still had traditional legal work to pay the bills.  And we created a good solid program for our first product.  This could have been the start of a fast growing information business.  But, it wasn’t.  Why?

I thought we did a great job with our first program, but the quality wasn’t as good as I hoped.  My expectations were high.  Maybe I had the image of Brendan on stage at Experts Academy and I knew that our program didn’t measure up to that life-changing experience.  And, I realized, I didn’t have all the necessary skills.

I was a lawyer.  What did I know about building an information business?  What did I know about marketing and promotion?  I had never done much direct selling.  I knew how to help clients solve problems.  I knew how to network with other professionals.   But, I had no clue how to sell products or convert prospects.   I had no idea how to engage an audience or why they would want to “follow”, “like”, or “connect” with me.

Our first product was not the huge success and rapid growth to stardom I imagined.  However, it was a start.  Since then, I realized it is not all about just “doing it”.  Action is important, but action is not the answer to everything.  You have to know first know who you are and then imagine who you want to be.  And you have to be ready, willing and able to acquire the necessary skills to get you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.  And you need a good strategy for getting there.

Since that first infoproduct, I have taken three years to acquire the necessary skills, explore ideas and take the time to focus more clearly on what I am most passionate about.  Today, I am still inspired by Brendan Burchard.  And I still have the feeling that “tonight’s gonna be a good, good night”.

Roger Glovsky is The InfoStrategist and founder of 10x InfoStrategy, a breakthrough coaching program that helps entrepreneurs to design an information business that is customized to fit their unique skills, interests and lifestyle.